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As the world’s strongest privacy blockchain, every move of AOS privacy public chain has attracted industry attention. Today, AOS (Anonymous Operating System) officially released the version 2.0 development plan. In the new released development plan, a number of industry hotspots and innovative technology concepts have emerged, involving cross-chain, cryptography computation, new finance, smart asset protocol and other fields.

The release of AOS 2.0 brings the development direction of AOS to a higher level. We have made a comprehensive interpretation based on the specific contents of the release.

New Consensus Mechanism DPOS+POE

In the existing version, AOS mainly adopts the consensus mechanism of DPOS+PBFT, and version 2.0 will use the brand new DPOS+POE (Proof of Encryption) instead of the existing consensus mechanism. POE refers to cryptography computation.

We can generally understand that DPOS+POE is a two-layer network design. As we all know, AOS previously supported both smart contracts and privacy functions. In the new version, in order to continue to improve the efficiency of smart contracts and the overall performance of the network, the development team deliberately divested the encrypted computing business to miner computing, that is to say, POE Part of it is realized by encrypted computing miner. Miners involved in encryption calculations can also mine AOS. The latest cryptography computation services such as zero-knowledge proof, post quantum cryptography, and homomorphic encryption are all completed by the miners. The realization of the POE solution will lay the foundation for AOS to create a new financial ecosystem.

Privacy Protection Upgraded

In the new version, the AOS privacy technology solution will be upgraded to: with the combination of “ring signature + homomorphic encryption + zero-knowledge proof”, the upgraded AOS2.0 will not only support smart contracts, but also improve ease of use, anonymity, efficiency and many other aspects surpass all current privacy projects. So far, the privacy of AOS has realized the complete anonymity and untraceability of the sender to the receiver, the sent amount and the received amount.

Smart Asset Protocol

Defi and privacy Defi have been well developed in the previous version of AOS. After the implementation of the DPOS+POE mechanism, based on the advantages of cryptography computation, AOS will launch the Smart Asset Protocol, so that AOS can not only support Defi, also support traditional finance such as Cefi. Various financial institutions can implement smart contracts for large-scale financial applications on AOS, and AOS will support different types of financial assets, making AOS a hub for storing global asset data and a blockchain ledger for large-scale commercial applications.

MDAO Cross-chain Architecture

Cross-chain technology has become a new trend in the development of blockchain technology. AOS uses the ZK-ROllup solution to implement MDAO (Multiple decentralized autonomous organization) cross-chain architecture and establish data and value exchange between AOS and other blockchain ecosystems. Build AOS into a data and value hub for the blockchain financial smart contract ecosystem.

After it is launched, crypto assets such as the privacy version of BTC, ETH, USDT will be anchored and issued on the AOS public chain, and can be freely exchanged. For example, the privacy version USDT issued by the AOS public chain can be freely exchanged with current ERC20-USDT or TRC20-USDT.

New Financial Facilities Compatible with Privacy and Compliance

The original intention of blockchain creation is to realize a decentralized value system, not to become a hotbed of criminals. Similarly, the starting point of blockchain privacy technology is to protect personal privacy from infringement, rather than to provide tools for various crimes. Today, institutions including Grayscale Fund, are advocating privacy and anonymity to fight censorship, while AOS has to go the other way and provide new supervisable financial facilities.

AOS completely breaks the deadlock of “privacy requirements-regulatory/transparency requirements”, and breaks the curse that restricts the development of blockchain open finance. Without privacy protection, financial services cannot be scaled up in the blockchain world. Embracing supervision and transparency, and supporting fraud prevention are also the primary prerequisites for the scale of financial business in the blockchain world. Through AOS technical solutions, the explosive development of blockchain open finance in the AOS ecosystem has become possible. 

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