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IUS was created by the island universe foundation and blockchain wizard Maniel Larimer. IUS is an ecological chain based on the concept and realization of a meta-universe. IUS is mainly dedicated to ecological construction and ecological empowerment. The birth of IUS is entirely based on an empowering main chain coin based on the ecological construction of the meta universe. IUS empowers meta-universe applications including but not limited to Difi, Nft, VR, MR, AR, Internet of Things, 5G, Web3.0 and other applications. IUS is mainly used as a driving IUS ecological token to provide an engine for all enabling tokens. Adopt blockchain 4.0 technology to guide and drive various applications on IUS in a completely open and transparent way. IUS guarantees the healthy development of applications and at the same time extends global developers to create and develop ecology on the basis of IUS. IUS will work with global developers, communities, and all participants to improve the development of ecological empowerment. Eventually form the parallel world of IUS. Show mankind the possibility of constructing a holographic digital world parallel to the traditional physical world; triggered the interaction of information science, quantum science, mathematics and life sciences, changed the scientific paradigm; promoted the traditional philosophy, sociology and even the humanities system breakthrough.

IUS is the mother body of the entire universe ecology used to empower all sub-chain ecology in the IUS universe ecology. All ecological sub-chains on IUS will consume IUS base currency in different scenarios. The main role of IUS is to provide a healthy and circular development of all sub-chains in the ecosystem, and escort the ecology of all sub-chains. IUS is fully autonomous in the community by voting block proof through the 3600 NFTs (Island Owners) of the IUS ecology in a decentralized way of the blockchain, and the aborigines on each island can purchase IUS through different island owners. The final output method of IUS is to produce all miners’ servers through server mining, which is mainly carried by the IUS ecosystem. IUS will open source all technologies and call on global developers to participate in the IUS ecological construction. All developers participating in the IUS ecological construction will obtain the IUS ecological development fund through voting by the island owner. The complete decentralization of the IUS ecosystem creates a complete and healthy circular ecosystem through the use of fully open source, open, and global participation, using the technology combination of the meta-universe. The IUS ecology includes games, commerce, agriculture, construction, tourism, communications, and other parallel universe ecology. IUS is committed to the balanced development of ecology, empowering technology and industry-oriented financialization of the ecological industry through digital driving.

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