The new gadget could soon be utilized to assist police with getting stoned drivers

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With talk in New York about possibly legitimizing marijuana, there is a worry about the potential for more disabled drivers on the road.

“On the daily basis as I’m traveling around the city of Syracuse, I do hear multiple officers in addition to myself say we have arrested numerous drivers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and it’s a combination of both at times as well,” said Syracuse Police Officer Lonnie Dotson.

Hound Labs of California says they have made a gadget that is more than capable.

Warren Tolman, Director of Business Development at Hound Labs, says, “It is the equivalent of finding one medicine drop in 10 Olympic size swimming pools, it’s roughly a billion times more sensitive than the alcohol breathalyzer.”

There are a lot of tests in the field for alcohol inebriation.

In any case, those field temperance sensors don’t get on marijuana.

For that, they need to go to either a blood, urine, or saliva test, and those tests can paint a misleading picture.

“That’s what happens with a lot of the tests whether it be urine, blood, or saliva,” said Tolman. “You are testing 24 hours to 30 days after use.”

Hound Labs’ objective is a practical, fair solution, that works simply like the breathalyzers individuals have seen utilized on TV.

“We wanted to find something that tested and determined whether one had used marijuana in the last two to three hours, and studies have indicated that is the time of impairment,” Tolman said.

The objective clients will be law implementation, employers, and insurance agencies. The arrangement is to have them in their grasp before the finish of the quarter.

“By the end of the year we’re hoping we are having an impact, making the roads safer for you and I and the traveling public, and making the workplaces safer, while also ensuring that there’s fairness,” said Tolman.

Starting at now marijuana is legitimate in 33 states, however, Syracuse Police say a marijuana breathalyzer would bring up one major issue.

“What level of marijuana usage would be classified to determine someone is impaired by marijuana?” said Officer Dotson.

Syracuse Police Sergeant Matthew Malinowski, says, “Through the courts, scientists, and research were going to have to figure out what’s that level that we think is socially acceptable, legally safe, or just generally safe for someone to be operating a vehicle.”

Hound Labs says the gadget can be balanced depending on the legal limit.

Syracuse Police have not made arrangements to purchase these gadgets, however, makes statements like this, or gadgets for people, in general, could be useful to utilize.

“Any device that lets people know where they are under the influence and lets them make the right decision on whether or not to get behind the wheel and drive, we would support that,” said Sergeant Malinowski.

Hound Labs has been working on building up the gadget for as far back as six years, which is about a similar time marijuana got lawful in Colorado.

Governor Cuomo has communicated enthusiasm for legitimizing marijuana in New York, however, up until this point, any endeavors to do so have not passed.

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