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Football Star chain is based on the bottom technology of blockchain FSC, for the service of competitive financial sector to create a fair, convenient, efficient, safe and new business ecological chain. The aim is to subvert the traditional rules of competitive industry, and to build an open and transparent focus on the sports industry of a new ecology. With the opening of the World Cup, the football star chain was first launched in Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Ireland, Costa Rica, Turkmenistan, seven neutral countries. Now Germany, the United States, Africa, China, South Korea, Japan and many other countries have entered one after another, fSC will open the era of fair sports competition for all.

FSC will create a large competitive industry ecology, for each competitive master to establish a distributed trusted account, which can be written but can not be tampered with the account. The most important driver of a credible ecosystem is that each participant not only shares in the ecosystem according to his or her contribution, but also receives the ecological dividend (Token Appreciation) as the ecosystem grows, services and products flow more freely through the ecosystem. In addition, the football star chain FSC will be integrated with the sports industry in all aspects, using the block chain this revolutionary technology will be applied to many aspects of FSC, creating the first global sports ecosystem, FSC technology to the sports industry, for the sports industry to transport fresh blood, and create value for the industry.

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