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Dangbei alunching Mars Pro 4k Projector

Projectors are more and more popular in home decorations. This article will compare a high-resolution TV with a laser projector through several main aspects. We will take Dangbei Mars Pro, the typical 4K laser projector as an example.

Los Angeles, California May 11, 2022 ( – Which is better, a high-resolution TV or a laser projector-take Dangbei Mars Pro as an example?

Projectors are more and more popular in home decorations. And it is gradually replacing the key role of TV in the living rooms. There are still much confusion and hesitation before choosing a TV or a projector. This article will compare a high-resolution TV with a laser projector through several main aspects. We will take the Dangbei Mars Pro, the typical 4K laser projector as an example.


The resolution decides how clear the image will be. Most people believe that the resolution of a TV will be higher than a projector. While it is not that. The resolution of projectors can reach 4K or even 8K clarity. Dangbei Mars Pro, the newly released projector by Dangbei, adopts 4K resolution. The stunning detailed images can be projected on a large screen. In terms of resolution. It all depends on the chip inside the TV or the projector.


The brightness of a TV is definitely much brighter than a projector because of the screen. A TV is a screen that emits light by itself, while a projector is projected onto a curtain through a light source and then projected into the human eye through the principle of diffuse reflection. But the projector suppliers are trying to explore brighter light sources for projectors. And there emerging a couple of high-brightness projectors recently. Dangbei Mars Pro reaches 3,200 ANSI lumens. You can even watch videos on it in the daylight environment except for very strong daylight.

Screen size

The screen size of a projector can be adjusted from a range depending on your demands. While a TV adopts a fixed size. You need to set up the size before you purchase it. The projection size of the Dangbei Mars Pro can be adjusted from 60 to 300.


The TV installation requires professional installers and tools while the projector only needs to be connected to the power supply (unless you want to make the projector a ceiling design). Once installed, televisions are generally inconvenient to move. Projectors, on the other hand, can be moved to various spaces and can be adapted to different scenarios with great portability. For example, you can take the projector out into the yard to enjoy a relaxing evening.


Nowadays both a TV and a projector can be connected through wired and wireless connections. You won’t need to worry about this. For example, Dangbei Mars Pro has equipped with 2*USB 2.0 interfaces, 2*HDMI interfaces, 1*S/PDIF interface, 1*RJ45 LAN, and 1*3.5 mm Earphone port, compatible with various devices, including computers, TV Boxes, game players, etc.

Eye protection

First of all, a large screen decreases fatigue and damage to the eyes. There will be a lot of radiation directly from the TV light source, especially on mobile phones and tablets. However, the projector directly shoots the light toward the wall and feeds back the picture to the human eye through the reflection of the wall, which is the diffuse reflection of the projector. In addition, Dangbei Mars Pro adopts an auto screen-off function. Any time you walk in front of the image, the light goes dark to keep you and your family’s eyes safe. And Dangbei Mars Pro got the German TUV Rheinland Low Blue Light Certification.


A high-resolution TV


  • high resolution
  • high brightness in a daylight environment


  • relatively high eye damage
  • smaller screen
  • complex installation
  • Non-portability

A laser projector


  • flexible screen sizes
  • relatively lower cost
  • eye protection
  • multi-scene adaptation
  • simple installation
  • portable


  • cannot perform well in an environment with strong daylights

To sum up, you can choose a high-resolution TV or a laser projector based on your own needs.

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