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The new guide explains the five warning signs which indicate when to scrap catalytic converters; these include reduced performance, rotten egg smell, and dark smoke coming from the exhaust. ‘Scrapyard Near Me’ also discusses the benefits of selling catalytic converters that are no longer usable.

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‘Scrapyard Near Me’ believes that by knowing when to scrap an old catalytic converter, owners can lower repair costs for their cars by minimizing the number of parts that need replacement. Additionally, the guide recommends selling old catalytic converters to scrapyards – thus essentially reducing the out-of-pocket costs for a new unit.

“A catalytic converter reduces harmful emissions by transforming pollutants into safer substances.” says ‘Scrapyard Near Me’. “Over time, its efficiency can decrease, causing potential vehicle issues.”

Several signs indicate when it’s time to sell or replace the converter. If a vehicle fails an emissions test, it often points to a faulty catalytic converter, explains the guide. Reduced vehicle performance, an unpleasant rotten egg odor, or dark smoke from the exhaust are other indicators of a malfunctioning converter. A car’s mileage can also be a determining factor; most converters last around 100,000 miles.

For those car owners who have noticed some, or all, of these warning signs, ‘Scrapyard Near Me’ recommends selling the unusable converter to a nearby scrapyard. The parts contain valuable precious metals such as platinum and palladium, and as such can fetch a high price at junk yards. An average catalytic converter can be worth a few hundred dollars, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Checking local regulations before selling or disposing of a converter is advised, as regulations vary depending on location. Proof of ownership may also be required in some areas, says ‘Scrapyard Near Me’.

‘Scrapyard Near Me’ is a local directory and resource for scrap metal and junk car services. Its goal is to help car owners find local scrap yards so they can dispose of their junk metal in an environmentally friendly way.

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