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Chatswood, NSW – Movement 101 Chatswood is a leading allied health clinic that empowers patients to regain their mobility and quality of life as soon as possible. During a treatment session, a highly qualified physiotherapist works with patients to identify the root cause of their problem, provides them with evidence-based treatment options, and develops a customised plan to help them achieve sustainable, long-term results.

Over the past six years, the Chatswood physio clinic has helped over 9000 people, from elite Olympic swimmers to European footballers, families, active individuals, people with disabilities, and those who desire to feel real improvements fast.

â??As a prominent sports injury clinic, the team believes everyone should access professional, hands-on treatment like knee, spine, shoulder, and neck physiotherapy to address disc injuries, nerve/muscle problems, sprains/strains, and work injuries. Individuals with recent or recurring chronic joint pain, mobility issues, surgical pain, headaches, or vehicle injuries can visit the clinic for medical care.

In addition to hands-on treatment, the team leverages current research findings and advanced physiotherapy techniques to improve pain, quicken recovery, enhance joint movement/function, and build muscle strength. Depending on each patient’s needs, they often combine physiotherapy with Pilates, massages, occupational therapy, and other exercise programs to achieve the best results.

The feet play a crucial role in supporting the body and have a significant impact on movement, overall health, and quality of life. With over 100 muscles, ligaments, tendons, 26 bones, and 33 joints, it is not uncommon for people to experience various foot-related problems such as ingrown nails, calluses, and other ailments. Fortunately, there are many effective treatment options and preventative measures available to avoid complications. The podiatrist Chatswood offers comprehensive guidance for patients with all types of lower limb injuries and pain, providing personalised care to help patients overcome their foot-related issues and improve their overall well-being.

Movement 101 Chatswood treats turf toe injuries, recurring ankle sprains, Achilles tendinopathy, skin/nail injuries, runner’s/jumper’s knee, plantar fasciitis, and more. The podiatrists diagnose foot ailments before using corrective orthotics like strappings/casts, recommending walking patterns/balance exercises, and leveraging innovative methods for medical conditions.

Movement 101 Chatswood advises men and women to exercise their pelvic floor muscles regularly to prevent weakness or organ prolapse. The pelvic floor comprises ligaments and muscles that support the bladder and bowels. A pelvic organ prolapse occurs when the tissues/muscles supporting the organs weaken due to ageing, hormonal changes, chronic coughs, pregnancy, menopause, constipation, and heavy lifting.

With womens health physio Chatswood, patients can feel more comfortable in their bodies as a physiotherapist uses a combination of techniques to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Since current medical evidence shows that strengthening and exercise have the best long-term results, the team uses a defined path and measures progress while working with patients to create a treatment plan that ends their cycle of pain.

In a single treatment cycle, the physiotherapy and exercise physiology team uncover issues on a structural level to take patients through the phases fundamental to lasting recovery for pain relief and prevention of injury recurrence.

Visit their website to learn more, or call (02) 7205 7339 to book an appointment. Movement 101 Chatswood is at 2/1A Freeman Rd, Chatswood, NSW, 2067, Australia.

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