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German-based SOLTEQ Launches Solar Roof and Tile Products in the USA


SOLTEQ, a German company with over a decade of experience selling solar tiles in Europe, has officially launched its innovative solar roof and tile products in the USA. The company has done all the tests for necessary approvals for the USA, for which the final reports are expected in May, and aims to provide a reliable and sustainable energy solution for homeowners in the country.

SOLTEQ’s solar roof and tile products are designed to fulfill three main functions: weatherproof roofing, electricity generation, and heating and hot water annually. The solar tiles are energy-efficient, ensuring up to 100% self-sufficiency for homeowners. With SOLTEQ’s solar roof and tiles, one can have a climate-neutral home in summer and winter, where no gas or oil is required, with zero CO2 emissions from electricity and heating.

“Energy efficiency is the future, and SOLTEQ’s solar roof and tiles are at the forefront of this trend,” says Jordan Smith, a roofer with over 20 years of experience in the industry. “Their products are of the highest quality and provide unparalleled protection for your home.”

The solar tiles are made to last, lasting over 80 years. They are made of high-quality, colorful, toughened glass PV roof tiles and incorporate only the best solar cells. SOLTEQ’s solar tiles do not age, rot, yellow, or frost, making them ideal for homeowners who want a long-lasting and reliable energy solution.

SOLTEQ offers a 50-year reign safety warranty, guaranteeing that their roof tiles will be rainproof for 50 years, provided that no mechanical damage has occurred. The glass used in the solar tiles is of high quality, low in iron oxide, low in oxygen, and does not absorb moisture, making it frost-proof. The glass is also toughened (tempered?), ensuring that SOLTEQ’s roofs are robust for the product’s lifetime.

The company also provides a 40-year performance warranty, ensuring the tiles maintain their efficiency and output for years. SOLTEQ’s solar tiles can withstand extreme weather conditions such as 200mph winds and 60mm ice balls, providing unparalleled protection for homes.

SOLTEQ’s solar roof and tile products are the best investment for your home,” says Sarah Johnson, an architect with over 15 years of experience in the industry. “Their products are designed to last, providing energy-efficient solutions for homeowners and improving the value of your property.”

SOLTEQ’s solar roof and tile products are affordable, and their energy efficiency makes them a smart investment for homeowners. The company aims to provide a reliable and sustainable energy solution for homeowners in the USA and contribute to the global effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“SOLTEQ’s solar roof and tile products are made for generations,” says Tom Williams, a homeowner who recently installed SOLTEQ’s solar tiles. “I am impressed with the quality of the product and the peace of mind it gives me, knowing that I am doing my part for the environment.”

“We do all this to contribute to a world with clean energy production. Our engineers had the claim to develop a product as a real roofing product. The next generation of roof tiles for the roofer.” says Berkay Bayer, CEO of the SOLTEQ-Group.

The launch of SOLTEQ in the US market will surely attract the interest of roofers and architects, who are always looking for innovative and sustainable solutions for their clients. With SOLTEQ’s solar roof and tiles, homeowners can enjoy energy efficiency, climate neutrality, longevity, and durability all in one product. SOLTEQ’s solar roof and tile products are the future of energy-efficient roofing, providing homeowners with a reliable and sustainable energy solution.

Contact SOLTEQ today for a solar roof and tile installation quote and start saving on energy bills while positively impacting the environment.

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