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Shirley Khouri, an Egoscure Certified Body and Posture Alignment Specialist has announced her new service for posture and body alignment in Montreal.

Founder of, Shirley Khouri is a Posture Alignment Specialist certified by The Egoscue Method and a Personal Trainer. She is passionate about restoring the body’s function, improving balance and living pain-free.

Shirley has over three decades of experience in fitness and the human body. As a professional cycling champion, Shirley took it for granted that injuries were something to be endured and accepted living in a compromised state. Shirley changed her point of view after experiencing Posture Alignment Therapy that eliminated the pain from even serious injuries.

Today Shirley does not accept a compromise to living free from pain. Through Posture Alignment Therapy Shirley has been keeping her body, and her clients, pain free.

Shirley is a certified instructor in the Egoscue Method, a postural therapy designed to eliminate chronic pain without drugs or surgery. The Egoscue Method focuses on a series of gentle stretches and exercises to correct misalignments in the body. Once the body is properly aligned, injury pain fades and the body recovers to it’s natural healthy state. Patients report the elimination and reduction of pain, a better range of motion, and the ability to return to the physical activities they love.

“Being active and maintaining a healthy body is not just about adding years to a person’s life, it’s about adding life to all those years,” says Shirley Khouri, Director of AlignYourPosture, “and the Egoscue Method eliminates pain, giving people with physical injuries an alternative to drugs and reducing the possibility of living with that pain for months or even years – if it ever is back.”

Shirley’s body alignment therapy restores the body’s original function, creates balance, improves mobility and, as a result, reduces and eliminates pain.

Sessions are held virtually and patients are given specific exercises related to their injury or imbalance. A thorough follow-up ensures the exercises are reducing pain and improving posture.

To find out more about AlignYourPosture and Shirley Khouri, visit:

About AlignYourPosture

Founder of, Shirley Khouri is passionate about restoring the body’s function, improving balance and living pain-free. She has over three decades of experience in fitness, professional training, and physical therapies.

Align Your Posture
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